Discussion Questions for Chapter 3 Bad Boy

What did you think of this chapter? Was it interesting?

Do you think that it was right for the teacher to hit Walter even if she was trying to discipline him?

Do you think it was right for Mama to beat Walter after he received bad marks on his report card? Is there another way she could have handled the situation?

Why do you think that Mama thought that the “Wicked Witch” Mrs. Dodson was an educated black person whom she should listen to? Why do you think that Mama listened to her about taking away Walter’s gun and comic books? What are your thoughts on that? Was it right?

Why did Walter get sent to the principal's office? Do we got to the principal's office for the same reason?

We learned in this chapter that Walter has a speech problem. Do you know someone who has a speech problem? How is that person alike to Walter?

Do you think it was fair for the teacher to give Walter bad grades just because she doesn't like him?

Chapter 4

1. Why did Walter get in a fight with another kid? If that was you what would you do?

2. Do you think this chapter was more confusing than chapter 3? If so, why?

3. When Walter went home one afternoon what caused him to go to the hospital? What did the doctors do to Walter at the hospital for eating so much candy?

4. do you think it wa smart of Walter to go and ride his bike when he wasn't supposed to?

5. Why do you think the principal and Mrs. Parker promoted him to the fifth grade, even though he missed about half of the school year?

6. Why did the teacher yell at Walter during class?

7. Why do you think Walter fought "Bunny"? Why did he get in trouble but Bunny didn't?

Chapter 5

1. Why do you think the chapter was called "Bad Boy"? Do you think it should be changed?

2. Who did Walter and company try to hang and why?

3. Do you think he deserved to be hanged?

4. When did Walter like his teacher?

5. What did Walter want to show his mama?

6. Why did Walter throw a book and slap Johnny Brown?

7. Was this chapter confusing to you? Why or why not?

1.Was this chapter confusing? Why or why not and explain.

2.In some stores what kind of people did Walter see? Describe

3.Out of these 3 choices witch did Walter want to be and why. A entertainer, a churchgoer or a athete?

4.What did Walter do to make his legs hurt?

5.Do you think the main Idea of the chapter is.

6. Was this chapter interesting to you? Why or why not?

7.What day did Walter fight Mr.Lasher? Was it his fault? What did he do?

Chapter 7
1. Why didn't Walter have his 12th Birthday Party?

2. Why was Walter's Dad depressed? Do you think it was wrong of Walter to not care of his Uncle Lee's death?

3. How did Uncle Lee die?

4. Do you agree with Walters decision to not fight and focus more on reading and writing? Why or why not?

5. What did you think of this chapter? Was it boring or interesting? Why or why not?

6. Do you think it was wrong for Walters dad to stay depressed for so long and ignore everyone else like Mama and Walter?

7. Do you think its a good choice for Walter to follow the set of "rules" that will possibly assure him to go to Heaven someday?

Chapter 8
1. Why do you think the author named the chapter "A Writer Observes" and what does it have to do with the chapter? Give examples from the text.

2. Why do you think Walter wanted to see the world the way a writer would see it?

3. Why did the old man call the cops on Walter and his friends?

4. What do you think it means when Walter said, "I wanted to look at the world through the eyes of a Shelly or a Byron, to feel the inspiration that guided their pens."

5. What do you think it means when Walter says, "...I was seeing what I had been all my life. I didn't know how to look at the sights with fresh eyes."

6. What is the worst thing that could be said about someone from Harlem, and why is it bad?

7. Why do you think Walter thought that Harlem was not exotic or special, it was just home? Do you think that where you live, or lived would be exotic or special to someone that hasn't lived there?

8. Who was Melba Valle, and how did Walter feel towards her?

9. How did Walter describe his brother Mickey?

10. Why do you think Walter is now noticing a race problem, and why do you think he feels Whites are more valuable than blacks, and he knew he would never be white so he wanted to be without a race?

11. What happened on the Garage roof?

12. Why do you think Walter was more hurt than mad, when Eddie said Eric couldn't invite him because he wasn't white?

Chapter 9
1. What game did Walter play?

2. Who moved in with George Myers?

3. Why couln't Imogene make it to most of Walter's games?

4. What was Walter and some other kids chewing?

5. Was this chapter interesting? Why or why not? What would you do to make this chapter more interesting?

Chapter 10By Jeffrey & Alex
1. How or What did the meaning poor change in the late sixties??

2. What happend to Walter that made him so hungry?

3. Why did Walters father Herbert let his dad stay with the family and what did he try to do before??

4. How did pap go to the bathroom and What got the most to Mama about Pap. Explain?
5. What made Pap such a drama king?
6. Why did Walter say " My lost saints" have not gone anywere?
7. Why didn't Walter like his new school?
8. What made Walter so different than the other students at Stuyvesant high school?
9.Why does Pap not like the mac and cheese and what did he say. What would you have done??
10.What was Walter's dream about BaseBall?
11. Why did Walter not go to any parties?
12. Did you think this chapter was hard or not,explain?
Thank you, "Peace"

Chapter Eleven

1. Where did Walter get a job? Who replaced him and where did he get a new job?

2. What happened with Walter's cousin and his wife? Do you think what his wife did caused the illness?

3. What was problem with college?

4. How did Walter get his typewriter? Did he like it and what did he use it for?

5.What was wrong with Mama? What did she think about herself and what did she start to do near the end of the chapter?

6. Why wasn't Walter going to school anymore?

From Mrs. Noonan: What do you think will happen to Walter as the novel continues? How has Walter changed as a person since his childhood? Do you like Walter? Do you think you would have been friends with him if you went to school with Walter?

Chapter 12

1. In the end of the chapter, Walter said he staying out of school again. why do you think he's choosing to do this?

2. Do you think Walter was to shy to answer the guidance counselr when she asked "What do you do with yourself all day?"

3. Did you enjoy reading the chapter? If so, why or why not?

4. In the future do you think Walter's forgery issue will get worse? If so, do you think Walater might end up in jail for going too far?

5. After all of these years, Walter hasn't fought. So why do you think he stepped in to help Frank Hall? Why do you think Walter felt so "happy and good" after fighting the man with the chain?

6. Do you think Walter will stop writing poems because people are calling him "homosexual"?

7. Do you think this was a good title for this chapter? Why or why not?

Chapter 13: Kasey Jimenez & Ashley Flores.

1. Why was school becoming a disaster for Walter? How do you think he could have resolved it?

2. If somebody asked Walter about college what would he say in response? What would you have done if you were in Walter's shoes?

3.What did Walter do when he dropped out of school again? If you ever wanted to drop out of school how would your family react?

4.Where do you think the title "Marks on Paper" comes in?

5. What did you think about this chapter? Why did you think that?

Chapter 14: The Stranger

1. Who was the stranger?

2. What do you think about Frank? Do you think him and Walter should stay friends? Why or why not.

3. Do you think that Walter will move with Frank? Why or why not.

4. Did you find this chapter confusion? If so why?

Chapter 15 Dr. Holiday

Discussion Questions for Chapter 15 Dr. Holiday

1. Why do you think that even with all of the warnings Walter has recieved, he still skips school?

2.Why do you think Walter dosen't even try to understand the work he is been given at school?

3.Why do you think they let Billie Holiday perform (or try to) when she was drunk, for that long?

4.Why do you think that Walter didn't tell anyone one expcially Dr. Holiday that he had even some trouble telling different colors a part?

5. Why did the gang Walter ran into walk away from him instead of fight him?

6. Why would Dr. Holiday ask Walter if he liked being black?

JK and RK

Chapter 16
1. Did u like this chapter? Why or why not?

2. Do you think it is good for Walter to be going to Dr.Holiday?

3. Do you think Walter actually does like being black?

4.Walter doesn't really get the meaning of "What do you want to do when you grow up?" Do you think this is because he did not go to school for a very long time and didn't learn anything?

Chapter 17

1. Walter doesn't like the labor movement but likes the books about war. If you were Walter which would you choose?

2. Why would Walter not have spoken to anyone he knew from Jr. High?

3. Upon reading the chapter, did you find anything interesting/ out of the ordinary?

4. Why do you think Walter wouldn't have noticed school was over?

Chapter 19 "Sweet Sixteen"

1. Why do you think Walter chose not to tell his parents that school had ended?

2. Why do you think Walter's father kept "a careful distance" between each other?

3. Why do yu think Walter wanted to go with Frank to make the delivery to the "dope dealer" instead of backing out?

4. Why do you think Walter told his mom to "stay out of his business" when Dr. Holiday called and told her things that have been going on with Walter?

5. Did you find this chapter confusing at any point?

6. Why do you think the author named this chapter "Sweet Sixteen"?

7. Why do you think Frank wasn't allowed to leave New York City without permission?

8. Why do you think Walter really wanted to be in the army?

9. Why do you think Walter's mom started to care a little more about him when he decided to join the army?

10. Do you think Walter will be able to handle being in the army or do think he will drop out and go live back home with his parents? Explain your answer.

Chapter 19 " The Typist"

1. Was this Chapter interesting. Why or Why not ?

2. Why was Walter glad to be released out of the army ?

3. What types of jobs did Walter do after he got out of the army?

4. What types of writing did Walter write?

5. How did Walter's parents feel when Walter told them that he has been wrting children strories?

6. Do you think it was a good way for Walter to end the book?